Government Wifi solutions


There was a time when getting connected seems like an impossible task particularly for governments and its departments. Today, most if not all the departments, ministries and agencies are connected to the internet to enable better engagement with the people and stream G2C services from any place and at any time.

In recent years, mobile technologies have taken over much of the legacy platforms that require cables and cumbersome wires.

Wifi platform has become a must in government departments so that the people can enjoy fast and more efficient services when required. As such, the need for fast-speed and reliable wireless networks have become more crucial than ever.

As a leader in this sector, we have worked with many agencies and partnered many service providers that have channelled such services for governments and related departments.As our partners in wireless network service, you can now work with your government or public-service clients more efficiently. In doing so, you can now provide such services which comes with benefits like:

Wireless and Secure Wifi Solutions

Our Wifi platform is designed with maximum security features which are state-of-the-art. Using the latest security platforms and technologies, your clients will be assured that data transmitted is not compromised in any way.

We use only government-graded security standards which are approved and tested while clients can communicate with the peace of mind through our industry-standard infrastructure which comes with current encryption methods and firewall facilities.

Current and Configurable

As a service provider, you can empower your clients to configure the network’s offerings as per their requirements. We can assist in ways that are needed while your client will have the final say in how they want to run their networks.

Apart from that, they can stay up-to-date to the current and most modern technologies in using wireless platforms to start migrating from the legacy cable-based networks.


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