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Know your customers better

This is an application which we have designed to venue owners to have better and more effectively targeted marketing campaigns. What you get is to monitor your customers’ behaviour and to better reach a group of demographic-based customers through our statistical data which are very location-based and informative.

As such, you can now find out more about customers’ purchasing patterns and behaviour which in turn helps you better strengthen any sort of promotions and to implement better campaigns to better stretch your advertising dollar. This is because in knowing who your ads are targeted to, you will spend better and more effectively.

Advertising with Wi-fi

Wi-Fi advertising is a whole new platform and media which has been known to be a game-changer’. In using our advertising application, your venues are now more visible with streaming real-time banner ads which can be highly effective and impactful. Choose between the different packages available that helps to ensure better control of the advertisers for your venue.

In using this Wi-Fi advertising application, you have total control on who gets what in your splash screen and the type of banners that can be allocated to every client or advertiser. You can even control the bandwidth used and supplied for your vendors.


This product uses the latest technology to stream news to your readers. This basically works in such a way that the latest news are streamed in real-time in your splash screen or any additional pages if required.

News can be placed at prominent locations of the page to attract readers who wants to know the latest issues and reports on sports, politics or business, among others. Wi-Fi customers of the venues can read the latest headlines and if required, read more by logging into the system. This helps to capture longer duration or stays of customers at your venues and networks.

Social Network Analytics

As a venue provider, you can now find out where the customers are in terms of social networks. Basically, what the venue provider gets is valuable information about their customer’s social networks as a majority of time spent online today among end-users are at these portals.

Through this analytics, you can now enjoy higher income as you can target your services more accurately to a certain customer segment via their social network visits. Reports can be generated through this application that helps to identify and analyse the online behaviour of your customers and what they do most of the time.

Special Coupon

Venues can now use our Special Coupon promotional tool. This is a totally different method of promotions as compared to the conventional coupons because you can now set up virtual or ad-hoc coupon campaigns.

This can be done as and when needed and be placed at the splash page thereby attracting every visiting customer to the venue. Coupons can come in terms of discounts, free gifts, special promotions, short-term offers and even location-based campaigns where customer can download a digital copy of the coupon, a QR code or any other media available which is easy to set up and very convenient.

Nearby Application

This application is a highly unique and effective product you can use in your venue. Customers who log in to the venue will be able to view a map of the nearby attractions. Our team has worked relentlessly to design maps which are easy to read and understand and that is what your customers will get to enjoy when they log in.

The Nearby Map will illustrate the happenings of the nearby businesses. This can include information like special offers, promotional campaigns, coupons and the major attractions of such places. The Nearby application is ideal for restaurants, cafes and F&B businesses.

Weather Reports

Venue providers can now provide the latest information about local weather to their customers without needing to configure anything on the portal. The Weather application can be easily incorporated into any part of the splash screen that displays the local weather forecast for the next few periods.

This is a very informative report where customers are not required to log into the venue. Forecast can be streamed on the current temperature and data for the next 12 hours, 24 hours and up to a week which is mainly focused on the location of the venue that the customer is currently in.


Venue providers can now develop and run surveys at their convenience. Depending on which package you use, you can now collect real-time information of your customers by running simple surveys either before or after the customer logs in. Surveys are very effective applications that can help you to gauge better understanding of your customers and visitors who use the Wi-Fi access at the respective venues.

The PREMIUM PACKAGE will come with customization in terms of looks and feel to better attract customers to participate in the survey as well as more elaborate reports generated for venue providers in order to target and analyse better.

Email Marketing

While Email Marketing might not have attracted a lot of takers in recent years, we have developed an easy-to-adopt system that will allow venue owners to create Email marketing campaigns that are more effective and less intrusive. What you get is a tool that helps you to collect key information about your customers via a simple approach.

You can easily create a new campaign and choose one of the many graphical templates that will then send the email to your users of the venue for verification purposes. Your campaign material will be incorporated into the email thereby capturing impressions without the risk of being sent to Junk/Spam mail.

Instant Win Contests

This is a highly effective tool that can capture a lot of engagement with your customers. In fact, this tool helps to convert first-time or one-time customers into repeat visits as Instant Win contests are known to help increase loyalty in many ways. Customers can start playing the contest immediately after logging in and the trick is that they know if they have won anything instantly after that.

This is in contrast to other contests where they have to wait a few days or weeks to learn about the results. Instant Win contests can be easily organized and implemented as you have full control of the mechanics and can decide where and when to put the contest.


Third-Party and External Promotions

You can now easily work with third-party or external parties seamlessly. Venue owners can organize joint-promotions with external parties easily. This is because you will have full autonomy to control what to be displayed in your splash screen and how they should look like.

Choose among the many icons and labels available in our extensive library and place direct links or website information of your partners in the splash screen. You will have full control on the number of links to be displayed and whoever you choose in order to show promotions by your external partners or your subsidiaries where necessary.

Wi-Fi Presence and Behaviour

This is a very unique item that you can incorporate in your respective venues. Our Wi-Fi Presence and Behaviour basically analyses the behaviour of customers when they are within your network. You can basically find out where your customers are in real-time as long as they are logged on to your network and how long they spend in these locations.

The data from this analytics can then be used to understand your customers’ behaviour better and to profile them more effectively. You can even check out the conversion rate, distribution of impressions, average time spent and recurring or single-time users, among others.

Real-Time Chat

This application is very unique and can be fully customized to the users of a specific venue. When the customer joins the network, they automatically become a part of the community of uses. Our Real-Time Chat program allows customers to join chatrooms and to private message among each other to talk about anything ranging from the best foods around or to make new friends.

All they need to do is to register their profile and once that is verified, they can talk among themselves, look for friends and acquaintances and start chatting away. Users can place avatars or remain anonymous according to their preferences when chatting.

Bulletin Board

The use of Bulletin Boards can be quite addictive especially when they are used in a certain location. Our Bulletin Board is designed specifically for users who are looking for a place to promote certain products or services or even as a place to voice out an issue.

Venues can customize the Bulletin Boards to the design and size and then allow users to place ‘post-it’ notes for everyone to see. Besides that, you can choose and decide on all other matters like the maximum number of notes in a board, the maximum number of notes per customer, the duration of the notes to stay in the board and so on.


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