Airport Wi-Fi solutions


Your customers no longer need to wait aimlessly at airport lounges or transit halls. Our new and revolutionary Wi-Fi solution will bring connectivity to them at light-speed without all the cumbersome processes and without them having to wander around looking for a ‘signal’.

Our Airport Wi-Fi solution is specially designed to provide travellers with maximum convenience and best quality connectivity. What you get now is an easy-to-integrate and configure Wi-Fi network which will give customers at airports the connection they need to make their visits less meaningless and more productive.

All-day seamless Internet Access

Customers in transit or waiting to board their flights can now get online easily and quickly. Through our fast-speed Wi-Fi internet access, they get connected as soon as they are within the premises. All that is required is a one-time log in and this will be remembered at all other airports that use our network service. From there, they can enjoy seamless connection to surf through their social networks, email and other communication tools.

Location Based service

Our Wi-Fi service is able to detect the location of the customer who is connected at any time. This means that they will be able to check out the promotions or discounts at Borders book store if they are in the vicinity of one.

This means that customers can now receive reliable information about any on-going promotions not only within the retail outlets of the airport but the food and eateries, restaurants and cafes to make their wait more bearable in every way.

Real-Time Information

At the airports, your customers can now receive real-time information about their flight details and how far away are they from the related terminal which will allow them to gauge and plan their trips accordingly. Apart from that, they can receive real-time information on weather, food, exchange rates, flight delays and other vital information at the airports.


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