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Internet and social media advertising, where should advertisers focus on?

The internet goes by with many names. It is called The Web, WWW, online and some even call it ‘life’ itself. The dependency on the internet is tremendous because this is one media which constantly grows and consistently bring exciting options to its users.

Power of Internet cannot be matched

Take a while to compare the internet with other media. Television has grown in dramatic ways over the years but it is still the same interaction (if any) and communication. Media owners have been working to change the way they communicate to their viewers but putting separate segments for different target groups as well as format channels like sports, entertainment and drama.

The internet however has changed since it started as a connection of networks for information sharing. In Malaysia, internet users are in the millions with about 50% of the total population connected to the Web.

Advertisers have countless options when it comes to online advertising.

The best places to advertise:

  • Social media
  • News portals

No longer only about email and browsing

Although they are still very much into these activities, the internet is used for a variety of reasons where among the highest one is on social media. There are 13 million Facebook users recorded in Malaysia alone. If each Malaysian has 1 account, that makes up more than 30% of the total population which is very high.

Internet advertising in Malaysia is moving very rapidly. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing media for advertising and a popular choice among agencies and marketers alike. It must be noted however that internet advertising is fast becoming like a mass media although there is a control mechanism on who views what.

One of the highest number of users on social media

Facebook is of course the social media network with the highest number of users. Malaysians spending time online are spending more on Facebook than any other social media put together.

Even Google+ with all its attraction and unique features are not as popular as Facebook while Malaysians too are connected via Friendster which is a Malaysian company today. According to statistics, the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of advertising in Facebook is about RM0.12 with a penetration of online population at 81.83%. This represents a very attractive option for advertisers to consider as it would hit the users at their peak.

News sites and portals

And then there is of course advertising with the world leader, Google and other major portals like Yahoo! and such. One place that advertisers must consider about internet advertising is that a lot of Malaysians are spending time online reading news and commenting about them.

This is where there are opportunities grow as Malaysians are starting to reject the news they read on newspapers or see on television. Instead, they have turned to online news sites to find more unbiased and apolitical news.

It has been found that Malaysians who read news online spend more than 30 minutes every day on these sites. They spend time reading and commenting and at times ‘quarrelling’ with others (which they call having a ‘healthy conversation’) about issues pertaining to social, political and general well being with each other. It is often said that to know what Malaysians are thinking, just read what they say on the comments box of the news sites. This is one place where advertisers can really focus on, PERIOD!