Highway Wifi solutions

Staying connected online whether on social networks or mobile platforms when travelling on road can be quite challenging. This is because many parts of highways are known as ‘blackout zones’ which mean that there are no mobile services in those locations. While this might pose a certain hazard risk, it can be distressing especially if travellers are depending on GPS to get to their destinations. With our Free Wifi solution for highways, your customer will now no longer be worried as they will enjoy internet access throughout and a worry-free travel on the expressways.

Fast Speed access

What your customers will get is actually free and fast speed wireless internet access throughout the highway. Should there be any ‘blackout zone’, our network can inform the traveller of what to expect and how long they will be disconnected. This is to allow them to plan ahead and to download maps if necessary. Besides that, passengers can stay connected throughout their journey which can reduce boredom and fatigue by keeping them occupied all the time.

Nearby Attractions

As the traveller move about the highways, they will be channelled with information of nearby attractions. This includes discounts on hotels in nearby towns, interesting foods, tourist attractions and just about anything that they might be interested to entice them to stop for a short visit. This is based on the location of your customer who is connected when travelling in the highways.

Real-Time information

Information like weather forecast, traffic conditions and congestions are very important especially when travellers are driving along the highways. This can minimize travelling time and can reduce accidents. Through our Wifi service, real-time information are channelled directly as and when it is required and that will give them better planning of their journeys. Besides that, information like distance to the destination, fare required for tolls and such are provided as well.