What is Free Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi refers to the broadband internet access which is provided in public places. This is because we live in a world where internet access has become not only part and parcel of everyday life but has become an instrument to get through each day as our dependency on updated information becomes more.

Wi-Fi internet access is very vital to not only computer users but to mobile customers too. With the dropping of device prices for laptop computers in recent years, users have been looking for public free Wi-Fi service wherever they go.

Out-of-home Wifi Avertising Solutions

This is most commonly found in areas like airports, cafes, institutes of higher learning and just about any public area where people can hang out and spend some time in. Customers have been enticed with free Wi-Fi internet access particularly at cafes and coffeehouses because those are places where they can bring their laptops to surf, complete some work or simply to connect to social media.

This has changed tremendously as mobile phones become smarter, providing Wi-Fi internet access to the users so that they can keep abreast with the latest news, weather, political issues or simply to stay connect with one another.

As such, free Wi-Fi services have grown by leaps and bounds. Today, Wi-Fi services are provided in more places than before and this includes shopping malls, apartments, hotels and even in wider area networks.

Our current inventory of Free WiFi advertising

Wifi Advertising in Shopping malls

At the shopping mall, get the latest updates on promotions by certain vendors and retailers in real-time. Free Wi-Fi services are available in the shopping mall that you are visiting and you can enjoy uninterrupted access to all the available information to enjoy your shopping and entertainment sessions.

Airport Wifi

Get unlimited internet access at airports by connecting to our network whenever you are travelling. Check out the latest updates on weather, currency exchange or time of departure/arrival at the airport through this stable and seamless free Wi-Fi internet access. Besides that, continue to stay connected via messaging applications to avoid delays.

Parking lots free Wifi

Are you having problems accessing maps when you are in the parking lot? Free Wi-Fi internet access is now available at selected parking lot and you can now continue to surf seamlessly, enjoy your online music and even start navigating your way by accessing your personalize maps before leaving the parking lot.

Hotel Wifi Advertising

Engage a captive audience with advertising through hotel WiFi sponsorships with the Malaysia’s largest Hotel WiFi advertising network.

Hospitals free Wifi services

At the hospital, you can now use the free Wi-Fi internet access which allows you to stay connected all the time. Check out information about treatment if you need to or contact information of any doctors you are looking for while checking out the latest updates on social media during your visit.

Highway Internet Access

Afraid of getting lost when travelling in the highway? With Free Wi-Fi, you can be rest assured that you are constantly connected via navigation applications and with your friends and families via communication tools. There is no need to panic as help is always on the way as long as you are connected.

Free Wifi in Tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities

Are you visiting a popular tourist spot and would like to know more about the background and history of that place? Check out more information about these places through our Free Wi-Fi network which provides seamless connection which is reliable, stable and fast while sharing your experiences on social media.

Free wifi in Cameron highlands, Kuantan and Langkawi

Free Wi-Fi is available at most top attractions in Cameron Highlands, Langkawi and Kuantan. Whether you are visiting the tea plantation or having a satisfying steamboat dinner, you will always be connected where you can share your experiences, post images or chat with your friends on social media without having to find ‘service’.

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