Marketing Guide

Ideas for Mobile Marketing

The SMS messaging service has offered a wide range of new services to today’s customers. In fact, companies today have embarked onto various marketing campaigns using this technology which is known for being fast, efficient and highly effective. On top of that, it is also known for being low cost and has a good return rate on investment.

Need for quick and effective marketing methods

In this context, mobile marketing has created a whole new segment for companies to work and compete in. This is attributed by the likes modern electronic devices like the Apple iPhone that has changed the environment of mobile marketing altogether.

Apple the game changer for businesses globally

In fact, when Apple first spoke about such a product, it was seen as a moon-shot but when it was actually materialized and released into the public, it prompted a global movement whereby customers began changing their devices. In fact, they even changed their way of computing altogether as the iPhone came with a whole new mobile phone experience and interaction.

On top of that, the Apple iPhone also changed the marketing environment as people are no longer only limited to the likes of common mobile phone applications like SMS but also include other means of applications which came with the revolutionary product.

Targeting Entertainment Industry

Another new way of marketing too have been extended into the entertainment industry where companies have begun tying in the entertainment industry by offering offers and promotions in areas like:

  • Movies – Via trailers, promotions, ticket booking
  • Music – Live streaming of music and digital purchase
  • Theatre – Ticket bookings and community
  • Travel – Airline and hotel bookings, travel reviews

The advent of such technology have provided companies in these segments to further extend their services to reach their customers via SMS, MMS and other means of mobile communication applications.

Reality TV and viewers engagement

A very effective way of mobile marketing can be seen in the current trend of television programmes that are based on reality shows.

For instance, American Idol garnered millions of dollars in profits where apart from the product placement and endorsement on the show also required viewers to vote through SMS for their favourite performer of the specific edition which will determine the eventual winner of the show.

Reality Shows were the new trend

This has prompted many other reality shows to follow a similar trend while offering a whole new viewing experience to the mass audience.

In certain markets, there were also provisions for customers who do not wished to have their contact information given out to telemarketers and other service providers.

By opting for the ‘Do Not Call’ function, their numbers will not be disseminated to any other partners of the telecommunication company. However, this has often been overlooked by many other markets. On the other hand, some customers who opted to allow their numbers to be given out would receive perks and freebies if they respond to the campaign.

Mobile marketing has also been effectively extended onto the political arena. While some have called for SMS to be inducted as a legal voting option, this would still be years before it becomes secure enough to be implemented.

Sms and mobile marketing platform

However, at the moment, voters are now able to use the SMS service to check their eligibility and places to go to cast their votes during the elections. They are also sent SMSes by political parties to gather information about their sentiments and opinions on pressing issues that need to be addressed.

On top of that, unofficial polling surveys too can be sent out to garner the initial sentiments of the voters.

The very strong point for mobile marketing is that it is able to facilitate 2 way communication among businesses and its customers.

This meant that the era of difficult direct marketing is now over because companies could now gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns because they are able to gather information and feedback from its customers.

They are now able to send out questions and look for answers through its customers.

Mobile marketing also has made successful inroads into the sporting segment. Today, one is able to receive live scores through SMS which are faster and more convenient.

The fact that SMS could be sent quickly while many applications have been developed to automate such process have allowed for faster information being conveyed to the customers.

On this note, advertisers could also make use of these automatic services with a short advertisement every time the SMS is sent which would reach its target market more effectively.