Landing Pages: How Important Are They?


A Landing Page is not your Home Page! Don’t make this mistake. Landing pages are integral components of any marketing campaign. It is a page that is not part of your main website.

Clear of the difference

Unlike the content in your website which usually is about your products and company information, your landing page is a separate page designed for a single purpose. In most cases, the landing page is meant to convince your users to perform something, be it a click or to submit their e-mail addresses.

Better returns and results

Landing pages usually have very high traffic as they can come from various sources such as e-mail newsletters, social media campaign or a webinar. As such, you can expect higher conversion rates when you have users coming in through your landing page.

Purpose of existence

The landing page is designed differently from the homepage. The layout itself looks different as it does not contain that much information. In fact, the details on the landing page are brief and quite straightforward. It is meant to attract the user to do something and the ultimate aim is to convert them. Some landing pages try to drive the user to a direct purchase while some are made to create an impression for future conversion efforts.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51ziaJQBQhQ

Outcomes of your marketing campaign

You can no longer expect users to come to your homepage automatically. Even if they do, their duration of visit might be too brief. Your marketing campaign will make or break if you use your landing page wrongly. In simple terms:

  • Your landing page directs visitors to your homepage
  • Your homepage tries to keep them there
  • Your landing page is very focused on achieving its single objective
  • Your homepage is focused on achieving many objectives

Pointing your users the right direction

What it all means here is that you are telling your users to do something so that you can keep them engaged. Once they give you their email address or download an e-book from you, you pretty much have them engaged. They will then visit your homepage and if they decide to leave, then it is up to you to retarget them in the future. You already have their email addresses or contact information.

So what is a landing page’s primary function?

Simply said, it is to capture leads and give the prospect a subtle warm up before he or she is sent through the sales funnel. It is your first encounter with the potential customer and should, therefore, be treated as an important work of art. It makes no sense to spend time and resources to attract visitors to your landing page if it is not properly optimized for high conversions.What makes the perfect landing page then? Below, we outline 10 practical tips that you can use to optimize your landing pages.

1. Have a clean design

The potential client will make a first impression about your brand or product based on the design of your landing page. You should, therefore, aim for clean designs that direct the prospects attention to the benefits of your product or service. It has been found that leaving ample whitespace or empty space in the overall design of your landing page increases conversions. Keep your Call-To-Action (CTA), benefits, and form fields above the fold as most people hardly bother to scroll down to the end of the page.

2. Create a sense of scarcity and urgency

People hate losing out on any free or low-cost deal. Create a sense of scarcity or urgency in your landing page to encourage visitors to take immediate action. You can implement this by indicating that whatever you are providing is a Limited or Time Sensitive Offer. This will induce the visitor to act fast or lose out.

3. Make your call-to-action stand out prominently

Your CTA should be a prominent feature on the landing page. Don’t give potential clients a hard time looking for the CTA. Create clear, visible, and short CTAs preferably in a contrasting color. Use action-oriented words such as “Sign Up Now” or “Download Now” to invoke an immediate reaction.

4. Use complimentary or contrasting colors

The color scheme of your landing page is very crucial in optimizing the page, complementary colors make the page appealing to the visitor’s eyes. Specifically for CTAs, they should be designed in contrasting colors to stand out prominently.

5. Include relevant images

As much as we advocate against clutter, an image or two makes the landing page more appealing to the visitor. Visual content is always more preferable to blocks of text. If a potential customer likes the images on your landing page, he or she is more likely to convert.

6. Make the page relevant to your initial ad

Nobody loves being promised one thing only to be given something totally different. Make sure your landing page is relevant to the initial ad and in fact provides what was promised.

7. Bullet points still work

You can safely assume that all visitors coming to your landing page are simply scanning and skimming to see if you have anything in line with their requirements. They don’t have time to read your life story so deliver information in the easiest way they can understand. Bullet points always work perfectly in this case, especially when you are listing the benefits your offer provides.

8. Create mobile-friendly landing pages

In recent times, it is safe to say that mobile marketing has taken center stage in Singapore. Understandably, optimization for mobile browsers is of absolute importance to any marketer in the country. If you have ever tried to fill up a web form on a non-optimized mobile website, then you have a rough idea of the pain and frustration you are making your prospects go through. Ensure that your landing pages are mobile friendly, or end up losing potential customers.

9. Include a few credibility indicators

Make sure to include a few testimonials from previous customers. One interesting fact of digital marketing is that potential customers will always trust other customers who they have never met more than they’ll trust you. A few positive testimonials complete with a picture of the satisfied client will enhance your credibility. Just remember not to use cliché comments like “Wow, great!” or “Highly recommended” as they are unlikely to work in this modern day.

10. Test, test, test

Test different formats and phrasing to find out which style or design of landing page appeals most to your visitors. Test different CTA phrases, headlines, and colors. Test different aspects of the landing page until you find a perfect combination with the highest conversion rate.


Every aspect of your landing page from its size, color, and overall design to the call-to-action should be done in a way that earns the visitor’s trust from the onset. Trust us that a landing page is bread and butter for every digital marketing campaign. Either do it well, or forgo digital marketing entirely.


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