Lite FM

One of the top English Language radio channels in Malaysia is Lite FM. Managed by Astro Radio, it was launched back in 1997.

Started as Light and Easy

When Lite FM started, it was known as Light & Easy. In 2006, it changed to Lite FM to focus more the contemporary music and more relevant to the current listeners. Today, it is a format radio station playing adult complementary music.

Advertising rates in Lite FM

Advertising on Lite FM is similar to most stations. A 30 second commercial slot is charged based on the time of the day and the time of the year. They are generally as follow:

  1. 6am to 10am – starts from RM400
  2. 10am to 1pm – around RM240 per slot
  3. 1pm to 4pm – around RM190 per slot
  4. 4pm to 8pm – starts from RM290 per slot
  5. 8pm to 12 midnight – around RM200 per slot
  6. 12am to 6am – around RM60 per slot
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