Makkal Osai


Makkal Osai is a Tamil language daily newspaper published in Malaysia. Its headquarters is in the country’s capital in Kuala Lumpur and goes with a broadsheet layout format.

Established Tamil Newspaper

As one of the few Tamil language newspapers in Malaysia, Makkal Osai has a strong following of readers. It has a modest circulation of about 52,000 on weekdays and 95,000 on weekends and is one of the three Tamil based newspapers in the country competing against the likes of Malaysia Nanban and Tamil Nesan.

Origins of Makkal Osai

Makkal Osai was originally known as Tamil Osai which means Tamil’s Voice. That was in 1981. However, 9 years later in 1990, Tamil Osai had to stop printing after some disputes in the management which saw them exiting the market.

It then reemerged later and then in 2005 was renamed as Makkal Osai to give it a new name and image. It would then be re-launched at the end of that year became a daily newspaper.

While the Tamil Nesan is owned by MIC, a component party with Barisan Nasional, Makkal Osai is said to operate otherwise. It is linked with Datuk S Subramaniam, who is known to be against Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu, the former president of MIC and hence reports published in Makkal Osai is often said to criticize the MIC all the time.

Not just about politics

Although the Makkal Osai is often linked to reporting about politics, it does cover other news as well. In fact, it is also reports on all the standard local and international news on a daily basis.

With a tagline “People’s Voice”, it is known for its unbiased reporting and its stand for being apolitical although this has not been well accepted among supporters of the more mainstream media, particularly those associated with MIC.


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