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Marketing for restaurants, cafes and restaurant chains

marketing for Restaurants

A marketing tip for restauranteurs, never let a negative comment occur! This is one of the hardest and most challenging industries for marketers. When it comes to food, you need to position your brand so well that customers would look for you even if your location is obscure and hard to find.

Is it all about food?

This is the prevailing question every marketer will ask. When you plan a marketing campaign for a restaurant, a café or a restaurant chain, is it all about your food? Yes, of course it is! However, there are always situations when your customers are less concerned with the quality of food and might just like you because of your reputation.

Branding for restaurants

This depends largely on what market segment you are working on. Are you targeting those in the upper income group or you are going on the mass market? Whatever target segment you are working around, your brand must reflect what you sell. Your campaign can choose any of the following:

  1. affordable food in upscale location
  2. tasty and delicious dishes
  3. find dining at street prices
  4. a great dining experience
  5. and others

Dining experience

In recent years, many restaurants and cafes have embarked into promoting dining experiences. This is very popular among the Generation Z community. No longer are people frequenting restaurants and cafes only to have a meal and leave.

They would want to spend some time at these locations and enjoy each other’s company. Such establishments would work very well with cafes offering the likes of steamboat and barbecue cuisine. These foods take time to cook and it gives the guests a longer time to linger at the restaurant.

With this, the environment must be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate the guests. Take note that with time in their hands, most of the guests will be on social media. Any negative experience could go ‘live’.

Digital marketing

For any restaurant owner, social media can be the make or break strategy. What happens in your outlet can be streamed live on the internet. You will need to leverage on digital marketing. Video marketing would work wonders for you. Getting on Facebook is a must while your presence in Twitter, Instgram and Pinterest would expand your network through a more visual platform.

Besides that, get on board with food bloggers. Once you have people talking about you, you campaign will kick-off. Do not forget to get listed on food sites like OpenRice so that your outlet gets picked up by those looking for food around your location. You must get on board with food delivery services like FoodPanda as well.