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There is a wide range of information that men look for when it comes to magazines. It ranges from many issues and categories but you will mostly find pictures of women in the front covers. While this might not mean to be any sexist in nature, men magazines are still prone to offer such images to attract the readers.

From the international front to the local reader

Like every other part of the world, men magazines in Malaysia are quite similar. As such, there are certain titles that have already been very established in other countries making their way into Malaysia. Among them include:

  1. Esquire Malaysia
  2. Men’s Folio
  3. Juice
  4. GQ Malaysia
  5. FHM Malaysia

Sex and Relationship among the top demands

Cliché as it might sound but men magazines do offer a lot of resources and advice on relationships and sexual health. However, it must be noted that these magazines do dwell into a lot of other areas that might be of interest to the modern man. This includes:

  1. Fashion – The trending styles and any other new season clothing that might be of interest to the modern male. These images are usually sourced either from the foreign publications or locally
  2. Gadgets and Devices – A mainstay in men magazines, reviews of the latest toys and gadgets that might be of interest. This includes gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets and even shavers
  3. Accessories – Know what the latest designs in pocket squares, ties and cufflinks
  4. Stories – The latest stories and updates on celebrities and popular men across the world
  5. Big boys’ toys – This one takes the cake with the latest news about cars, yachts and other luxurious items (like watches too)
  6. Health – This is not a new thing but it definitely is among the most popular. Learn about fitness and health which the contemporary man is looking for. Find out the trending fitness programmes that men across the world are crazy about
  7. Sex and relationship – This is one of the major categories in every men magazine that gives advice on staying sexy, maintaining the sex appeal and surviving any relationship today
  8. Women – Yes, perhaps one of the most significant sections in every men magazine today. Understanding women is one of the most challenging for every man.

Visual satisfaction for every man

Ultimately, men magazines will have something that every man like. Eye-candy! This means that they will like to hold on to the magazine because there will be something nice to look at. Pictures of women models might not be a good way to move forward in today’s society but it still draws in the readers who will like to pick up a copy and flip the through almost immediately. Visual images continue to be important in every man magazine in almost every society across the world, including Malaysia.


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