Half Ad Columns @ Jalan Pahang

These are extremely effective media spaces for rent especially for pedestrians, train commuters and vehicles that travel across Jalan Pahang.

Prime area in Jalan Pahang

The half ad columns are basically large posters that are wrapped around the pillars leading to the KL Monorail station. They are elevated above the ground that goes up until the track. As such, they can be seen from a far distance and not only for those who are nearby.
For the half ad columns, rental of the media space is RM36,000 for 10 columns. Production cost is RM28,000 while there are no charges for lighting as they are not backlit. The total rental here is RM67,840.00

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Format Type Qty Size Duration Media Rental
6% GST
Ad-Columns (B11 – B20) 10 Various 6 mths   36,000 28,000 N/A   3,840  67,840

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