Pancing Magazine


The Pancing magazine is essentially a publication targeted for the lovers of fishing and its related areas of this hobby. Whether you are a full time fisherman or takes up fishing as hobby, this magazine is very well suited for you as it comes with all the information and resources which will help you improve your skills and techniques.

Only few fishing titles

It must be noted that there are currently very limited titles or magazines in the market which provide information on fishing and the issues related to this.

Great for starters

For starters, Pancing is a great magazine to start because it provides the basics of what you need to know and where you should start looking. You will find out where you can buy equipment and such.

Product reviews and ratings

There are reviews on the latest fishing gears and equipments where you will be able to keep a lookout on what is out there used by the experts and how to use them. This is an important segment as it will determine if a product is effective or not.

Best places to go fishing

There are also information here about which are the best places to go if you are looking for a specific type of fish. It can be a river, a lake or out in the seas, there are many reviews of such locations which will guide you through where to go.

On top of that, there are also tutorials, guides and information that will be essential in helping you master your fishing skills. This is where the pictorial pages would surely give you new insights and information that will make you love this hobby more.

Published by Life Publishers Bhd, the office of Pancing magazine located on the 2nd floor of the Nanyang Siang Pau building in Petaling Jaya.

You will find a lot local content here which is very impactful for advertisers. Advertising rates start at RM1,600 for a half page ad while the covers start from RM3,100 to RM4,100 for the inside and outside back covers respectively.


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