Property Magazines & Websites – Perfect Resources for the modern Investor


Like most magazine titles, property magazines in Malaysia are sourced both locally and from foreign markets. You will find that there are some titles that are fully home-grown while others are given localized makeovers.

Advice and resources for homeowners, decorators and investors

Owning a home can be a joyous occasion as long as you have total control of what you want to make in your home. You can get such resources from the array of magazine titles available within the country. This usually covers the likes of:

  1. iProperty
  2. Property Hunter
  3. The Edge Property
  4. Property Insight
  5. Dot Property
  6. Property Report
  7. Malaysia Tatler Homes
  8. Luxury Properties
  9. Real Estate Malaysia

Magazine titles with excellent advice

What you can expect from magazines in property and real estate is that they provide you with very sound and clear advice on what you need. From first property buyers to seasoned real estate investors and those who are learning the trade, there are more than enough resources to go around within these titles.

Information from influential sources

The content and information that are provided within the magazine titles are usually extremely relevant in today’s markets. The interesting fact about such magazines is that readers will like the way they are localized for their needs. This is mainly because property investment in Malaysia might be relatively different from other countries. This could involve factors like:

  1. Banking and loans
  2. Types of properties
  3. Size and materials used
  4. Location and developments

Latest and most current information

When you pick up a property magazine, there is a certain shelf-life to it. This is most crucial when it concerns the information provided. What you read in the magazine today might be obsolete in 2 month’s time especially with the rapid developments in the economy. As such, it becomes absolutely imperative for the contents to be quick, fast and relevant. You might be interested to know about:

  1. The latest condominium projects in the Klang Valley for 2019
  2. Best properties below RM500,000
  3. Tips to keeping your investment low and returns high
  4. Condominiums and apartments – What’s the difference?
  5. Urban or Rural
  6. Is the KVMRT the game-changer for properties in the country?
  7. Identifying future-proof properties
  8. Landed or non-landed properties?

Property Magazines – Still relevant today?

You can mostly expect property magazines to offer what you can never find through online means. In property magazines, you will expect to have information that you need the moment you start reading them. In other words, they will be brief with a lot of relevance. You will find that contact information and any future references (mostly 3 months or less) will come in handy when you pick up any of the property magazines available.


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