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Prominent bus advertising services through Rapid operator

In central cities and towns, the Rapid bus services are among the most prominent and known names in the public transportation sector. RapidKL is the main operator of buses and trains in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. Meanwhile, Rapid Penang handles the bus service in Penang.
When you advertise on Rapid networks, you get to enjoy wide coverage as their buses cover almost every inch of the cities concerned. As such, you can enjoy the following:

  1. Customizable target market and customer profile – using bus ads means that you can now reach two very important groups of audience which are the mass and niche segments. This can be anywhere in the city or you can choose to show your ads only to a certain location
  2. Recall rates – It has been proven that recall rates for bus ads are higher than many other OOH media. 2 out of 3 viewers who have seen a bus ad will remember it
  3. Manageable media – When you advertise on Rapid buses, you can control what types of ads go out and where you want it to go
  4. Cost effective – unlike mass media like TV and radio, bus ads are a lot cheaper and affordable

Some important figures

The general rule of thumb about advertising on buses is that your ads are most likely to be seen. The more ads you have, and the larger they are, the better it will be. However, take note that ads on buses are very visible because:

  1. almost 70% of impressions collected via bus ads come from pedestrians and road users
  2. About 37% of these impressions have seen a bus ad at least twice every day
  3. almost 50% of them seen the bus ad at least once every day

This simply means that about 5 out of 10 people will see a bus ad every day. Among them, 2 out of 3 will recall the ad. Below are some types of common bus ad media.

Bus wraps

The most common types of bus ads would be bus wraps. When you use this media, what you want is to have the entire exterior of the bus be ‘wrapped’ with your ad. It can be a promotion, a brand awareness campaign, a short term or ad-hoc programme which you want to reach to your audience. In terms of sizes and types, here are some examples:

  1. City shuttle – this is the most common type of buses which connects passengers to the main or CBDs (central business districts)
  2. Express or BET (Bus Expressway Transit) – this refers to the types of buses that connect passengers around the suburbs into the city districts
  3. Trunk Line – used to ferry passengers from a local shuttle service into the central districts
  4. Local shuttle – takes passengers from residential areas to the main lines

Advertising on bus panels

Panel ads on are among the most common types you will see as they are basically large posters pasted on the exterior of the bus. For this media, you will involve the same types of bus services under the Rapid KL and Rapid Penang networks. They usually come in 3-panel packages which are:

  1. 1 small panel on the side next to the doors
  2. 1 large panel on the other side (driver side)
  3. 1 small panel at the back of the bus
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Location Full Wrap Back and Side Panels Production
RapidKL RM3000 per month RM800 per month RM2500-3000 one time(renewable every 3 months)
RapidPenang RM2500 per month RM800 RM2500-3000 one time(renewable every 3 months)

RapidKL Buses
You can now sponsor an entire bus by engaging a full body wrap on the external part of the vehicle. This will give your ad a lot of mobility especially if you are targeting commuters and the general public in the Klang Valley. RapidKL buses travel in various routes around major spots in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor around the clock, giving you hundreds of thousands of impressions per day.

RapidPenang Buses
If your target market is in the northern state of Penang and among the public transportation commuters, then you must advertise in the Rapid Penang Bus. The advertiser will be involved in production cost but you will enjoy extremely high ad-views specifically if you have loud and captivating liveries.

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