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Advertising on taxis can be extremely impactful as your ad has the potential to reach places that traditional media cannot. There are tens of thousands of taxis travelling in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and thousands more in other major cities and towns which mean your ads can be seen in most areas the taxis travel to. In most cases, there is a minimum number of taxis you must use if you plan to buy this media space which can be in 500s, 1000s and other arrangements.

Taxi Advertising format in Malaysia

2D top

2D tops are one of the earliest forms of taxi advertising where a two-sided board is placed on top of the taxi. This media is very captivating and can attract a lot of attention. If you buy hundreds of such spots, you will be able to enjoy repeated reminders from your audience and capture more ad-views.

Standard Measurements: 1ft x 3ft

Full Body Wrap

This media is perhaps the most attractive and highly impactful. When using this media, you should apply sharp and contrasting colours which will ensure that your ads are seen in all the locations the taxis cover.

2D Top + Full Body Wrap

This is where you sponsor an entire vehicle for your ad which is very effective if you have an integrated marketing campaign involving other media and advertising initiatives.

Boot Lit

This is one of the most popular media used in taxi advertising mainly because it is seen by vehicles travelling behind the car. As taxis travel around the main cities and towns, they are constantly in traffic jams which means your ad will be constantly seen by vehicles behind at all times.

Standard Measurements: 8in x 32in

In-Cabin Seat Pouch

At average, a taxi customer spends 15 to 18 minutes in a single trip. As such, you have a long duration to reach out to your potential customer within the vehicle. This is where you can use the In-Cabin Seat Pouch for the taxi customer to read. Wordy ads are best placed here.

Executive Limo

You can sponsor the doors of the Executive Limo as these spots are quite limited and is the first spot customers see when they approach the vehicle. Ideal for hotels, banking and investment products.

Airport Transport Advertising

KLIA-Airport Limo Body Wrap

This media is perfect if you are targeting travellers to Malaysia since they are commuting between the airport and in most cases hotels.

KLIA-Airport Limo In-Cabin Poster

The In-Cabin Poster of the KLIA-Airport Limo’s interiors would be a great place to put your ad if you are targeting business and leisure travellers. Basically, people who use the KLIA-Airport Limo will spend an average of 60 minutes in the limo.

In fact, the minimum time spent in the Limo is 30 minutes by virtue of the location of the airport. As such, you have one of the longest duration of capturing the attention of your viewer here.

MPV Taxi Full Body Wrap

This transportation mode is commonly used by families and people travelling in groups. They are seen around major tourist and entertainment locations usually in the Klang Valley and other major cities.

These vehicles are larger than the usual taxis which mean that they are easily seen. As such, body wraps that are bright and loud will be extremely powerful for ads, capturing thousands of ad-views every hour.


500 Taxis

500 Taxis


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Taxi Four Doors Wrap Budget Taxi ‐ Budget Taxi Four Doors wrap on front and back doors Include Printing & Installation ‐ Eco friendly full colored printing on outdoor sticker

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