Snapchat Marketing

When it comes to marketing on social media, nothing beats the fact that you can more focused and targeted in every campaign you execute. One of the tools that should be given more attention than it deserves is Snapchat.

Is Snapchat the same as the others?

Not entirely. While other platforms are quite straightforward, Snapchat does need a little getting used to. A lot of marketers are fully aware of using platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp but with Snapchat, they might be a bit confused. Some of the sentiments that might arise include:

  1. Connecting with the target audience – not sure how to
  2. using the platform
  3. Types of contents that are suitable

What does Snapchat brings to your campaign?

Snapchat gives marketers a distinctive factor that many other platforms cannot which is a different opportunity. This is something that allows you to connect with the right target market but you will need to make the right decisions and put the right strategies in place. So what makes Snapchat such an interesting option? Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. there are about 100 million active users on Snapchat each day
  2. Each month, more than 200 million users are communicating, involving more than 700 million pictures or videos daily. These media get about half a billion views each day
  3. in the US alone, Snapchat reaches slightly more than 10% of its digital population.
  4. Snapchat is more popular than Twitter. In fact, it took Snapchat only 1 year to grow to the size of Twitter which took 4 years
  5. On average, Snapchat users spend about 30 minutes each day on this platform

Why is Snapchat more effective?

With all that said, what makes Snapchat such an interesting option for marketers? Snapchat can be effective for your campaign mainly because:

  1. Not as popular – It benefits from having less competition as compared to other platforms. After all, it is common for brands to be in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Besides that, they are on messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat which means it is a bit too crowded in these platforms. If you want your contents to stand out among others, Snapchat might be the way to go
  2. Unique – with Snapchat, you will be reaching a whole new set of target audience. While it is highly beneficial, it can be quite challenging. Using Snapchat does not go through the same process as the likes of Facebook or LINE, it requires you to be more strategic and create content which is suitable
  3. Genuine – You get to use ‘behind the scene’ features. This gives your audience a more authentic feel to what you are offering
  4. Cost – unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat is cheaper. In fact, to a large extent, it is free to use.
  5. Target audience – This appeals mostly to the younger demographic group. It has been said that Facebook users are the aging population and the younger ones are now looking into using more contemporary platforms and Snapchat is one of those in the forefront

How to use Snapchat?

One thing for sure, using Snapchat means you are targeting the Millennials. In fact, over 60% of those in the 13-34 year age group in the US are on this platform. Out of this 60%, more than half of them are women. This simply means that if your brand targets students in universities and colleges, then Snapchat is your perfect option. Among the techniques you can adopt:

Use the Snapchat features

To influence the outcome of your campaign, take note of the features.

  1. Images are your best bet. Share images on Snapchat which can be taken immediately from your smartphone camera.
  2. videos – keep them under 10 seconds long as that is what is being offered in Snapchat. You can edit them once you have recorded them and then share them onto the platform.
  3. Snaps – the gist of this. Use snaps whenever possible to send to your target audience. this gives your campaign some sense of personalization.
  4. Use stories – Distribute this to the masses for your campaign.
  5. Viewing time – Where possible, try to give longer viewing time for your users. The longer your users are viewing your content, the more engagement you will get with them. This gives more credibility for the platform
  6. Profile – ensure that your profile is made public and not private. This will allow users to find out about you easily not having to manoeuvre pass a lot hurdles and such
  7. Use the stickers
  8. Use the notes – there are both video and audio notes that you can use to engage your customers. Unlike snaps and stories, they do not expire.
  9. Calls – Provide better and quicker customer service through Snapchat calls. To do this, you can either choose audio or video calls which make a lot of difference to the ways you interact with them.
  10. Coupons – You can make use of coupon codes through Snapchat. What you need to do is to entice your users to want these coupons
  11. Buzz – What you aim to do here is to create the hype and buzz in as much as possible. From there, anticipation becomes higher for the users. When there’s anticipation, there will be constant visits to your site especially when there is a product launch of some kind.
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