Suria FM


Suria FM is one of the radio stations operated by Star Media Group. It is a Malay-language station which targets the younger listeners. Generally, those tuning into Suria FM are aged between 25 and 34.

Interactive and Engaging

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One of the highlights about Suria FM is that they use social media to interact with their listeners. The segments played on Suria FM are as follow:

Segments on weekdays

  1. Ceria Pagi Suria
  2. Ceria Suria
  3. R & R Suria
  4. Ceria Petang Suria
  5. Suria Cinta

Weekend segments

On Saturdays, segments are:

  1. Terbaik Ceria Pagi
  2. Grandstand Suria
  3. Suria 30
  4. Ucapan @ Suria
  5. Rock dan Releks

On Sundays, they are:

  1. Inspirasi Suria
  2. K-Pop Suria
  3. Grandstand Suria
  4. Suria Baek Banget
  5. Suria 30
  6. Soundtrack Suria
  7. Suria Cinta
  8. Suria Rock

Advertising rates in Suria FM

30-second slots are available for advertising. It starts around RM60 in the midnight hours and goes up to RM400 for peak hours.


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