Top Reasons for Social Media Marketing


Moving with the times can make or break your business in more ways than one. In fact, it is one of the most important traits of any business in the fast-charged and extremely fast-changing business environment across the world today.

What’s new digitally in Malaysia?

A website is imperative, but it is not enough. You need to look at other means that are more efficient and impactful. You need the social networks because millions and millions of users are now logged on to them. If you do not do this, you will fall behind in the competition. It is as simple as that! So, what opportunities do you get in social media marketing? We list down the few main ones.

Targeted marketing

– What makes social media marketing so enticing is that you get to be really close to your target market. In fact, no other media has ever come this close to reaching your target audience the way that you can in social media because you get to interact with your actual customer base. On top of that, you can find out what they are thinking through reviews and feedback.

Real-time Response

– If your product has any problems or services are below par, you get to know about it almost immediately. And it gets better because you actually get to response in real-time too. When you can resolve complaints immediately and to the right people, you can stop any damage done to your brand quicker.

The Competition is here

– It has become a lot more rigorous than before and that is where you have to do something about the competition. After all, your competitors are using social media like there’s no tomorrow, so its time you start gathering fans and followers too.

Personal Touch

– When you engage your customers via social media, you give them a more personal touch and it feels as though you are really touching them. Conventional marketing media can be quite formal.

Increase in Transactions

– No doubt about it, you will garner more sales and transactions via social media. When your customers know you through these platforms, there would always be a higher chance that they will buy from you. Another good thing about this is that when they hear about purchases from those in their network, customers tend to follow suit.

New customers

– If you use the specific methods adopted in social media marketing, you will start discovering new customers which you would not have known to have existed before this. It works both way because customers who did not know you existed will find out about you too.

Cost of Social Media Campaigns

– Perhaps the most important factor of all is cost. Unlike any other media that came before this, social media marketing only requires a fraction of the cost. If you are able to fully maximize the power and be tactful, it could even be free.

And to top it all, it is at least 10 times more effective than all other mass media.All in all, it is very much about being innovative and use what you have. Social media marketing is not a new thing anymore but it is current enough for your business to get to places it has not been before.


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