Why FB Marketing is bad for you?

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Facebook (FB) marketing seems to be in every marketer’s playbook these days. Every digital marketer will tell you that if you are not on FB Marketing, you are losing out but is it all that it sets out to be? Does that mean you MUST be on FB Marketing? The answer is NO!

Not everything works

The truth is that Facebook does work for businesses only if you follow the rules of the game. If you want your business to benefit from Facebook, YOU MUST PLAY BALL!. In other words, you have to ensure you do not breach any guidelines that Facebook imposes.

With FB Marketing, you lose more control than you can really imagine. The begging question is whether do you want to give up control of your ads to Facebook who has millions of others to manage. On top of that, where do you stand in the queue?

Needle in the haystack

FB Marketing is a big thing and it covers a lot of ground. When you send your ads to be placed by FB, you usually have no control as to where they are displayed. This is like shooting blindfolded with no sense of direction or target. All you do is take a shot and hope it lands somewhere near the target.

We have been in enough campaigns to say for certain that the following will occur:

  • You get involved in FB ads after deciding on the radius and number of people who will see your ad.
  • You get an good response on day 1 to day 3 or maybe the first week.
  • The numbers start to decline after that, often even dropping to zero.
  • You don’t get many hits from there which then prompts you to pay more to Facebook for more views on a larger radius.

Generating leads the wrong way

Most marketers or sales-driven organizations use FB Marketing for leads. A lot of the so-called ‘EXPERTS’ will tell you that FB Marketing is the best platform to generate leads. But, do you know that a majority of users who gave you their contact information through Facebook forgotten that they did so?

In fact, they would claim that they were merely checking your page out and deny having given you their numbers in the first place. Some might even ask you where did you get their contact from!!

Those moving goalposts

Learning how FB Marketing works is challenging enough. You will take weeks just understanding how the system works and when you finally do, Facebook will change their layout because that is their practice.

Facebook ash more than 3 segments to target. Each one has its own attributes like the size of media and user profile. Only one of them will work best for you. You need to be aware of which is the one you want to be catered for either the mobile or desktop version.

Another issue that you will face is pricing. This is done as per the demand and decided by Facebook. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the price per lead to increase few-fold because of the overwhelming demand.

Each click will cost you so much more now because there could be 10 people bidding for a keyword as compared to 2 or 3 previously. Besides that, you are not allowed to advertise everything on Facebook. This is something you need to aware of.

If Facebook keeps moving the goalposts, how are you ever going to hit the target? No one can cope when the requirements keep changing!! It comes back to shooting blindfolded but the target is moving. It’s double the challenge.

Your marketing cycle

After collecting the so-called ‘leads’, you have an entirely new mountain to climb. A lot of marketers don’t know this but they think gathering the leads gets half the job done. Your whole sales process is just starting at the preliminary stage.

You are nowhere near closing the deal at all because clearly, out of the 1000 leads you have, you will be lucky if 0.001% is converted into sales.

Move on and expand

There are certain benefits in FB Marketing but it should not be something that you spend too much focus or emphasis on. FB Marketing is merely a passing phase. This hype will pass by. Don’t believe too much in what FB Marketing can offer.

If you want a successful marketing campaign, you should spend your time wisely and learn other marketing platforms that give you more opportunities to connect with your customers or in improving your products or services.


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