China Press


China Press is a broadsheet format newspaper owned by The China Press Berhad. This newspaper is available across the country and is one which is always anticipated by its readers as it is released in the evening.

Background and history of China Press

China Press was founded in 1946 which makes it one of the oldest newspapers in Malaysia. Set up by Tun Henry Lee Hau Shik or more fondly known as Tun H. S Lee, the newspaper began publications on 1 February that year. With a prominent figure like Tun H.S Lee leading the company, China Press has become an icon in its own.

Prominent and Relevant news

It was then suspended for a month in 1969 due to a report on the May 13 incident. China Press is owned by Nanyang Press since 199 and it is the second most popular Chinese newspaper in Malaysia with a circulation of 220,000 copies every day.

Since 1990, China Press started publishing its evening edition.

Then, it had the tagline of “Today News Tonight Know” where it provides and report the latest news for the public. Sold for RM1.30 per copy, China Press reports on local and international news which also includes sports, technology, entertainment, gossips and recipes.

Still going strong

Despite the growing popularity of social media and online news sources, China Press is still going strong. This is most evident with its evening edition where vehicles are always seen stopping at the side of roads to buy a copy from the vendors.

This is because China Press is preferred by readers from the Chinese community who are more elderly.

In fact, it has been a source of lottery number results of the same day which is not available in other newspapers until the following day. Today, the readers are still anticipating the results via China Press.

Current and latest news

Apart from that, it also contains the latest news and happenings in around the region. This simply means that China Press has an advantage in reporting news of the day in the same evening without having to wait for the next morning.

Despite being owned by Nanyang Press which is also a company linked with MCA, a political party and component within the ruling government, China Press remains as one of the most popular newspapers as it is known to be unbiased in reporting. As such, readers are more receptive of what are being published in China Press as compared to other mainstream media.


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