MJN e-News


The MJN or Malaysian Journal of Nursing is an online portal that provides daily news and updates mainly on the medical sector. It operates the MJN e-News (Malaysian Journal of Nursing e-News) which is primarily an English Language information portal with the aim to create better and more awareness of the issues related to the healthcare industry.

Background of MJN e-News

MJN e-News is one of the most established news portals which is highly specialized and niche. It has been an online portal since 2008 where this platform has been delivering the latest news and developments in the nursing, medical and healthcare sectors.

Through the portal, the latest technologies and products that are trending in the healthcare sector can be communicated andinformed to the community. This is typically a one-stop portal particularly catered to the professionals in the healthcare industry like medical practitioners, nurses and frontliners.

Segments in MJN e-News

Through the MJN e-News portal, medical practitioners get the latest information and updates related to this industry. This has become a lot more prominent and crucial in light of the recent 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic where such updates are critical and time-sensitive.

While there are constant updates to the news and happenings of such issues both locally and abroad, this platform becomes a vital source of such information for both technical practitioners and the public at large. Besides that, it also provides other resources such as healthcare education, industry profiles, journal articles or reports, new breakthroughs and government initiatives, among others.


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