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It has become quite a common sight to see mobile phone users glued to their smartphones in public areas. This has become a norm because the smartphone has subconsciously or consciously become a part of everyday life.

Thecube Style- Top usage of smartphones

This is a no-brainer and you can find it everywhere you go. The top 3 usages of smartphones among users today are:

So, what about mobile gaming?

As it can be seen in the list above, entertainment is one of the top usages of smartphones among users. This means that mobile gaming has become one of the most sought after services. In countries like Malaysia, mobile gamers can be seen at:

There is no mistake. The worldwide gaming market (both digital and mobile) are expected to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years. In 2018, it was close to USD140 billion. By 2021, this figure is expected to breach the USD180 billion mark.

In fact, the mobile gaming industry contributes more than 50% of the revenue here. If that is not amazing enough, more than 75?% of all app revenue come from mobile gaming apps. Having said that, it must be noted that this industry has grown not only within the teenager segment but has already opened up new market segments including women and those from the older generation.

Future of Mobile Gaming

In the mobile gaming industry, developers have since built many types of apps and games for every segment possible. To put that into context, this has shown that:

  • Users spend an average of 23 minutes per day on games
  • there are now 2.2 billion mobile gamers across the world
  • Globally, the majority of mobile gamers are those aged 55+ and above
  • 63% of gamers are female

Top Mobile Games

You would by now heard of most of the top mobile games of all time. They are played by millions across the world while some have already generated handsome revenue for the companies. The top games are:

  • Pokemon Go!
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Angry Birds
  • Temple Run
  • Minecraft PE

Movies and other entertainment

Besides playing mobile games, there are other forms of entertainment that are enjoyed by mobile phone users. This includes watching movies and listening to music. In terms of watching movies, the market is extremely large.

In fact, there are over 1.8 billion users logging into YouTube every month. This number continues to grow and people continue to spend an average of 2-3 hours per day on Youtube and more than 60% of people will prefer online video platforms as compared to the television.

People using smartphones to watch movies can be seen at public transportation, waiting areas, homes and just about anywhere. This means that the shift has already occurred that changes the way people view entertainment, especially movies.

Digital Music

Gone are the days when people used to download MP3 files and share them. With the rise of music sharing and streaming platforms like Spotify, JOOX and iTunes, the digital music market has been growing steadily and is expected to continue in this trend.

To date, Spotify is the market leader in the on-demand music industry. The company from Sweden was among the first to offer such services and today has already reached more than 100 million subscribers. Besides that, Spotify allows for music download where users are able to listen to their songs even when they are offline.

Malaysia Stars on Digital Music

Malaysia has one of the most vibrant music industry across the region. The digital music platform has opened up more markets for Malaysian artistes where the seasoned ones like Dato Siti Nurhaliza and Jackly Victor have both enjoyed heightened success in their own markets. Besides that, there has been a lot of demand of emerging singers like Yuna, Faizal Tahir, Anuar Zain and Elizabeth Tan, among others.

Asian artists

In the Asian region meanwhile, Indonesian artists have some of the highest downloads when it comes to mobile music. Artistes like Republik, Fatin Shidqia and Judika have enjoyed a lot of fame and success as their music has transcended across countries including being very prominent in Malaysia and Singapore.

Meanwhile, singers from Taiwan and China too have had a lot of successes in the region. Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou and many others have already made their way into the homes and mobile phones of users across the country.

Opportunities within the market

The fact that Facebook bought Whatsapp for a large sum of money shows how strong the brand is. Mobile competition and contests remain as one of the most exciting potential to reach customers and target markets.

Today, competitions and contests can be run easily as the mobile platform is easy to use and accessible. In fact, most (if not all) mobile users are users of either one of the few top messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and such.

Data Access

Gone are the days when users are enrolled in a pre-paid plan to reduce the cost of using data. Wi-Fi is no longer the main rule of the game as data access becomes cheaper and more affordable.

The difference between 3G and 4G is quite significant but it does not dampen how marketing can occur in the digital and mobile platforms. In this context, it must be noted that 4G usually goes about 20-50mbps and that is usually 10 times faster than a 3G network. Having said that, it does not mean that 3G cannot be utilized.


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