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Nanyang Siang Pau

Founded by Tan Kah Kee, a philantropist-entreprenuer in 1923 in Singapore, Nanyang Siang Pau is perhaps one of the most established Chinese language newspapers in Malaysia.

Most established household name

Nanyang Siang Pau is owned by Huaren Holdings, the investment company operated and owned by MCA, a component party with Barisan Nasioanal, the ruling government of Malaysia. Nanyang was previously known as Nanyang Daily before it changed its name to what it is now.

Part of Barisan Nasional

The company became part of MCA in 2001, a move which did not go well with the Chinese community because MCA had already owned a few major newspapers at that time. Nanyang Press has been actively participating in community programmes where it had, through some charity concerts raised more than RM240 million for Chinese education in Malaysia.

Efforts to be the people’s voice

This was seen as part of the effort to reinstate the confidence of the readers who boycotted the paper since the takeover. The paper uses a broadsheet layout with daily print runs that go up to 114,049 copies as reported by ABC or Audit Bureau of Circulation. Nanyang basically publishes news on the local and international fronts with daily segments on business, sports, entertainment and others.

Editions and Versions

As a national newspaper, Nanyang Siang Pau is known throughout the country. It has several editions that include National, North, Perak, KL/Singapore, Negeri Sembilan, East Coast, Johor and Malacca respectively, all of which are catered to readers from the different locations across the country.
Nanyang Siang Pau has many segments which are all targeted for readers with different preferences. This is where readers can read about the current issues, news and affairs that are happening in and out of the country. Latest developments on politics and national security are reported daily.
Besides that, there are segments on lifestyle, sports, entertainment and special issues. There is a Classifieds segment that provide announcements and advertisements for businesses while readers are able to enjoy reading the pullouts and other special reports that might interest them on a daily basis.