8TV Channel


8TV is among the leading FTA (Free To Air) television channels in Malaysia. Launched in January 2004, it has grown to become one of the most-watched channels in the country.

Started with various names 

8TV started out as an additional channel back in the 1990s as MetroVision to complement the current market then of RTM1, RTM2 and TV3. It then moved on to other names like TV4 and Channel 8 before the latest rebranding to 8TV which exists till the present day.

Target audience and programming

One of the significant traits of 8TV is that it has a strong following among the Chinese community. While it was formerly an English and Chinese station with free-to-air programming, 8TV has since changed to become a Malaysian Chinese-language TV station. Generally, the station airs all types of programming content ranging from sitcoms to dramas, current affairs to reality shows. Such programs are sourced either locally from Malaysia or from other countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as from Korea.

Part of a bigger media group

It was in 2004 when 8TV got its current name under Metropolitan TV Sdn Bhd. A year before that, media giant Media Prima bought over the company. Then, it had Chinese, Malay and English programming before evolving and replaced with mostly Chinese content enjoyed by its viewers presently. Among its most popular content include its Chinese New Year campaign where8TV releases Chinese New Year singles, music videos and themes that rival the likes of Astro and other Chinese media.


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