Ad Spaces in Colleges and Universities


One of the most effective places for advertisers to reach a large group of target audience who are between the 16 to 23 age group would be in colleges and universities around Malaysia. Most colleges and universities, which are categorized under institutes of higher learning provide several options of media spots that can be used for advertising by brand and product owners.

Immersive and captivating OOH Media

This is because such locations are usually high traffic spots especially among those in this age group and profile which can offer extremely high effectiveness for branding and promotions.

Wall Murals and Wall scapes

This media is extremely popular in colleges and universities because they are ‘loud’. In most cases, wall murals and wall scapes are very large. Besides that, they can exude a contemporary outlook for the building which is very appropriate because it is what students like.

In most cases, wall murals are commonly used by automotive brands, fast food chains and other products which generally appeal to the younger generation. Meanwhile, wall scapes are usually large format posters which are attached to the wall and can be changed at any time when required.


  1. Available in varying sizes, wall murals ranges between RM1,500 to RM3,000 per month
  2. Wall scapes on the other hand is cheaper. They are available in customized sizes as well and starts from RM2,000 to RM2,200 for a period of 3 months

Mega Posters

Unlike wall murals or wall scapes, mega posters are basically large format posters that can be enacted at high traffic locations. This can be at the front entrance of the college or at the food court where there is constantly people moving about and spend an average of 15 minute at these locations. In some cases, they are seen like large billboards and is usually used by the institute to advertise upcoming events like open days and counselling sessions.

Rate Different colleges will have different sizes and range between RM750 to RM800 per panel per month

Pillar Wraps

Pillar wraps are available at most colleges and universities across the country. Most advertisers like to use pillar wraps for the reason that they are located across most buildings and can be easily seen. As such, pillar wraps are most effective when the advertiser aims to provide repeated reminders.

It must be noted however that not all pillars in the campuses are available for advertising as it would look too commercial. In most cases, the pillars are located at locations where students hang out like shops and commercial blocks instead of around the academic areas.

Rate: Ranges between RM800 to RM1,500 per pillar per month

Restrooms and toilets

Your ads in restrooms can be very impactful when you have a strong message which is relevant to your target group. Not all brands and products can be advertised in restrooms because the restroom could only be associated with certain objects.

As such, restroom ads and messages must be relevant and aligned with the segment you are targeting. This could be brands for women like body or skin care, contraceptives, fashion brands and such.

While advertising in toilets and restrooms might not be entirely common, it has been found to be among the most effective. In some campuses, you can place an ad on the mirror while the more common ads you can place are toilet door wraps.

Rate: Restroom wraps range around RM50 per unit on a weekly basis.

Meanwhile, there are separate rates for advertising in the male and female toilets which are:

  • Male Toilet – Various sizes at RM18,000 per annum. This will be for 3 washrooms that will cover 1 wall and 3 mirrors in every washroom
  • Female toilet – Various sizes from RM18,500 per year. The mechanics are the same for male toilets

Table Ads

Like table top advertising in mamak stores and cafes, you can place your ads on tables in certain locations in the colleges and universities. Table ads can be very impactful especially if you are targeting the young and the fashionable.

This is because they are the ones who will hang around in cafeterias, restaurants and food outlets for quite a long period of time. Table ads are very effective because they are immersive especially to those who are patronizing the outlet.

Dynamics of table ads

  1. Size: 20 in (h) x 20 in (w)
  2. Material: PVC Teflon (very adhesive, tearproof, waterproof and does not leave marks upon removal
  3. Rate: Ranges between RM100 and RM200 per table monthly

Lift Ads

There are several methods to advertise in lifts. The most common way is to attach a poster sized ad within the walls of the lift. This means that your ad can be easily changed as and when needed. In some campuses, Perspex is used to protect your poster from damage which will then allow the ads to be easily inserted from the side and changed when necessary.

A common lift advertising is by placing your ads on the lift doors. This is a very unique media where it means that your ad will be viewed by those who are waiting for the arrival of their lift. Generally, passengers who are waiting for a lift will be staring at your ads for an average of 3 to 4 minutes during low-peak hours while it can be between 8 and 10 minutes during the peak hours.

Rate: Ads on lift doors start around RM10,000 to RM20,000 and is usually charged in 6 months durations.

Meanwhile, you can place your ads on lift doors and the walls within a lift. This would vary in sizes and would cost about RM30,000 per year for every set.

Digital Screen

Digital screen is currently one of the most popular out-of-home media because it allows your ads to be played throughout the day. After all, your target audience will be more captivated by videos instead of text and still messages. Digital screens are commonly seen at colleges and universities which provide you with an attractive option to reach this market segment.

Digital screens usually come in different shapes and sizes which are usually rectangular. The most common types of digital screens are LCD monitors or television sets which are placed at strategic locations across the campus. In most cases, advertisements are targeted to the young and fashionable which would potentially include apparel brands, sporting goods, F & B and many others.

Rate: Usually charged with a minimum commitment of 6 months or in some cases semesters or terms. The rate starts from RM2,500 per month

Floor Graphics

This is a great ambient media where your brand can be ‘pasted’ on prominent floor locations or can be used to ‘direct’ traffic to a certain spot. Floor graphics are very popular in campuses which can be highly impactful especially when the ads are from brands that are catered to this group of customers. This can be fashion, sports, entertainment and mobile gadgets which are all very relevant to the Generation Y of today.

Rate: Around RM10,000 for every site charged monthly.


Lockers are found in almost every private and public universities and colleges. Certain institutes have more lockers than others as students tend to leave their textbooks and personal belongings. In fact, lockers are seen as essential items in a typical student’s life. Instead of having to bring heavy text books and other material, they will leave their things in the lockers. The average time spent at the lockers area is 15 minutes.

Rate: Around RM10,000 to RM15,000 for every 6 months or about RM20,000 for 12 months.


There are many high traffic locations around the campuses where posters can be used for your ads. If your campaign involves targeting this group of people, then this media would be best suited for your brand. In most cases, there are usually Perspex frames available in certain locations which have been identified as high traffic and visible spots to maximize the ad-views for your ads.

Rate: Starts from RM 7,500 half-yearly.

Mirror Views

This is a type of media where an ad can be placed in a glass panel along corridors and walls. Students and pedestrians will be able to see these ads as they move along or when they reflect themselves.

Rate: starts from RM350 per panel per month. This could go up to RM800 per panel per month.

Giant Wall Banners

In most cases, you will find a lot of giant banners spread across campus walls and fascia. Such banners are usually made from stickers and would be used by the institute to advertise their courses and programmes.

However, there are some areas within the universities and colleges where these places are used for advertising brands and products.

Rate: Starts from RM70,000 per year for every site. The sizes varies and are usually more than 50 feet high and 25 feet wide

Railing and stair graphics

One of the more common and popular forms of OOH Media in universities, graphics along stairs and railings can be very captivating with very high impressions. This is commonly used to advertise products from fast-moving consumer goods brands as well as events around the campus.

Rate: Railing graphics are about 4 ft x 25 ft which starts from about RM50,000 per set annually. Meanwhile, stair graphics come in different shapes and sizes and would be about RM30,000 for every flight of stairs annually.


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