Using empty spaces on your property for advertising


Advertising on buildings comes with benefits and some challenges. If placed strategically, the ads can be seen from a distance and will be highly effective when reaching the right target audience.
This media however can be limited to the location and space of the surrounding vicinity. As such, it is crucial for brand owners to use this media in the right way.

What type of space can be used?

The common understanding for building advertising is that the board must not have any obstruction.

It is possible to have a certain space in the building of property owners to be used for advertising. This can be a good source of income since you are not using that space for any functional purpose.

If you are a property owner and you are considering leasing out some space for advertising, you need to be aware of the following:

Visibility and line of sight

You want to mount an advertising board on a location that has high visibility.

The most common methods adopted are usually on the roof of the building.

This would be possible if your building is about 3 to 4 storeys high. This type of billboard is commonly seen along Jalan Tun Razak.If you are going to have a board mounted at eye level of pedestrians, then it should be facing an area with high vehicle traffic if possible along traffic congestion locations.

It is common for building billboards to be seen at cross-junctions and roads.

Dimensions and Lighting

For maximum visibility, the ideal width or height should be a minimum of 8 feet. It would be best if the board is illuminated.

Consider using energy-saving equipment like LED spotlights or solar panels to minimize your overheads and not require too much manual maintenance.Besides that, you should also consider waterproofing and weather resistance factors.

Types of boards

The most straightforward type of advertising board would be poster billboards.

You will only need to mount a board of the desired size, install it on the location with the lighting and electricity (if any) wiring and you are good to go. This media is suitable for medium-term advertisers (quarterly, monthly, half-yearly, etc)A more modern type of board will be digital. This is costlier than conventional billboards but they can be more profitable as you can change the content over the network. Overhead would include network connectivity and electricity.

This media is suitable for short and medium-term advertisers (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly). If allowed and if your property is in a high-traffic location, advertisers might want to ‘sponsor’ the entire building by using a wraparound or painting a mural. This media is suitable for long-term advertisers (half-yearly, yearly).

Factors to consider

Having the space in your building for advertising is the start. Once you have identified the space(s) for this, then you need to plan how you want to rent it out. This is where you need to consider the following factors:

  • Cost – You must consider the cost of installation and maintenance of the advertising board. Take into consideration the material needed and then work towards your bottom line of how much your capital is to derive how much you can rent the space out.
  • Location – The space where the board is mounted is crucial. It must have high-visibility to both pedestrians and vehicles. On top of that, it must not alter the current structure of your building (like covering windows).
  • Approval – Once you have a plan in place, you must seek the approval of the local authorities. Private property like homes is usually not allowed for this while commercial buildings need to ensure that the local council is aware and that nothing is obstructed.
  • Management – You can choose to have the space managed by an agency or you can choose to self-manage. Media owners in the industry is constantly looking for such opportunities and spaces. You can contact them and lease to them while they sub-let to advertisers. Alternatively, you can handle this entirely on your own.


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