ZKY Media

ZKY Media is one of the leading names in outdoor advertising in Malaysia. This name can be seen at many major billboards around some of the highest traffic highways around the country.

Strong Track Record

As one of the leading names in outdoor media, ZKY Media own major media spaces including various high impact wallscapes, billboards and others. Established more than 20 years ago, this agency has been very focused on the outdoor advertising segment.

This is to meet the rising demands of advertisers and brand owners in the constantly evolving market. With rapid changes in the last 20 years in Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, ZKY Media is well equipped to offer effective solutions and opportunities for its clients.

Media managed by ZKY

Today’s consumers are more mobile than ever. As such, outdoor media is most suitable to reach and connect with them. ZKY Media’s options are ready to meet these demands from advertisers coming from all types of sectors. Among the solutions that ZKY Media offer includes:

  • Signage – Ads can be enacted at directional signs, map signs, bus shelters which are very targeted to a specific audience.
  • Citilight – This is the signature product offered by ZKY Media. Designed to offer advertising options where billboards are unable to, it provides an exciting advertising channel for the brand owners.
  • Wallscapes – Commonly enacted onto the fascia of buildings and other structures, this is one media with very good response and ad-views.
  • Spectaculars – Customized and designed for a specific need, the possibilities are endless. Advertisers can use animation, neon lights and such to be more exciting and captivating.
  • Rooftops – A popular media that creates a lot of buzz as they are enacted high above the ground and can be seen from a large radius.
  • Standard billboards – Free-standing billboards are still very much in demand especially when they are located at high-traffic locations like highways and major roads.

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