Positive Effects in Survey Marketing for your business


Analytics are crucial information you can use in your marketing campaign to chart behavior data. But that is never enough because there are always limitations. You can find out how many people visited your site and the time that they are most active. But that will never be sufficient if you are aiming for a high-impact campaign.

What your analytics cannot do

Using the right tools for analytics will give you certain insights. This include:

  • Did your content meet the expectations of your visitors?
  • What do they want to do with the content on your site?
  • Did your content drive them to make a purchase decision?
  • Who are those that are really viewing your content?
  • Did your content influence the viewer offline?
  • What is the brand perception of your firm?

What do you want to measure?

Survey marketing can be very effective if you know what areas to cover. With the internet, it is very easy to conduct a market survey. One thing for sure, surveys give you stronger statistical data in every way. The best (and perhaps most suitable) areas that you can measure using survey marketing includes:

  • Perceptions – This is often used to understand how much your customers like your brand (and how much they don’t).
  • Preferences and expectations – What are your customers looking for when they engage your brand?
  • Impact – This covers the likelihood of them deciding to buy your products while on your site and after.

Complement not substitute current data

Bear in mind that survey marketing is carried out to complement certain data that you already have. This can be extracted through your analytics tools or other means. But with the data collected through surveys, you get a more holistic picture and profile of your customers. They work together not against each other.

Where should you post your surveys?

The most important factor you must consider is that users do not appreciate long-winded surveys. Some regard this as annoying and would not be serious when they are required to complete a survey. Hence, you need to be tactful and careful. Surveys are best used when:

  • Homepage – A short, 3-question survey as the user comes to your homepage which can then tailor the content accordingly.
  • Emails – Sending emails with a short survey (with incentives and coupons) will be an ideal place to start.
  • Post-purchase – Upon completion of a purchase, it is good practice to let your customers complete a survey on the satisfaction (or otherwise) level as well as suggestions.

Our expertise in survey marketing

Knowing the market dynamics and drawing from our experience, we can assist your company in driving the most relevant campaigns especially when you are into collecting data. We can help you chart the most effective surveys that can boost your customer satisfaction and to maximize repeat purchases.


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