Tableview Media


Tableview Media Sdn Bhd is among the major movers of out-of-home (OOH) advertising in Malaysia. An exclusive media owner of many prime locations around the country, Tableview Media provides a lot of potential possibilities for brand owners nationwide.

Reaching the target audience

With Tableview Media, brand owners can now reach their customers better with a wider network. This is because Tableview Advertising is known for using effective intrusive advertising methods including food courts, hypermarkets and others.

Malaysian pastimes and culture

One of the most popular culture among Malaysians is in hanging out in mamak shops and kopitiams (coffee shops). As such, Tableview Media has capitalized on this concept by being there to reach out to the consumers.

Tableview Media has exclusive rights as the media owners of tabletop ads. This is most prominently seen at mamak shops, food courts operating in hypermarkets, colleges and universities and many more.

Direct marketing at its best

With tabletop advertising spaces offered by Tableview Media, advertising messages can now be taken directly to the customers. This is done through understanding the lifestyle of Malaysians who hang out at mamak shops and in knowing what they talk about. It is unique because:

  • Strategic – Customers have to look at the tabletop when dining.
  • Duration – Spending hours at the mamak shop will inevitably drive the customers to talk about what they see on the tabletop.

Hence, advertising becomes part of the conversation of the patrons. This is one unique method that engages the customers and the advertiser. So effective is this type of advertising that Tableview’s media has now expanded to every state in the country. Among the names that have used this channel are:

  • Telecommunications – Digi, Maxis, Celcom, TM.
  • GLCs – Tenaga Nasional, Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Health.
  • Media and Entertainment – Astro, TV3, The Star, Warner Bros.
  • Technology – Samsung, HP.
  • Automotive – Castrol, Continental, Projet.


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