Seri Kembangan Demographics

Seri Kembangan is one of the suburbs of the Klang Valley. Formerly known as the Serdang New Village, it was once quite a rundown location with badly maintained roads and poor accessibility. However, with the building of new cities around the vicinity like Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Equine Park, Seri Kembangan has grown to become one of the very exciting places of the Klang Valley.

Superior Accessibility

What makes Seri Kembangan such a great place is that the township is connected by some of the most advanced expressways. Known to many as the southern gateway into Kuala Lumpur, it connects those coming in from southern states into the capital. This is through the PLUS highway. Meanwhile, it is also the intersection between Besraya Highway as well as the newer Maju Expressway.

Demographics in Seri Kembangan

There are an estimated about 150,000 people residing in Seri Kembangan with a majority of them being Chinese. The largest group of people here are in the middle and lower-income groups. However, there is a rising population of the high-income bracket in the surrounding areas like Sierra 16 and Cyberjaya, to name a few.

Insights for advertisers

The LRT 3 project is expected to connect Seri Kembangan with other parts of the Klang Valley. But until that project is completed, most of the people here travel on private and public vehicles. Billboards remain the most effective advertising medium here which can be seen at major junctions around Seri Kembangan. The highest ad-views are around the cross-junctions in front of Aeon and Giant hypermarkets. Meanwhile, the billboards along the highways like Besraya and more notably Maju Expressways are also those with very high impressions especially from those traveling to and from work and schools every day.

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