Out Of Home Advertising


Like it or not, Out-of-Home or OOH media has become a lot more effective than the types of media you have come across. One thing for sure, they are:

  • Highly visible
  • Large and loud
  • Everywhere!

We list the types of OOH Media around in case you missed them.

Billboards – Large and Loud for mass audience

Billboards are perhaps the most common types of OOH media and probably the oldest. Before outdoor digital screens or transit ads, there were billboards. Generally, this type of media can be seen at high traffic locations and are made up of large boards. Some salient factors about billboards:

  • Types: The most common types are those that are rectangular in shape. Some advertisers tend to be more innovative by using protrusion design formats.
  • Locations: The best place to put billboards are along high traffic areas of expressways and at traffic light junctions. Those that are on rooftops are pretty effective too.
  • Price: This really depends on the location of the billboard where the higher the traffic, the more expensive it can be. This is why you will find the billboards in front of the Lot 10-Sg Wang Plaza intersection to be one of the most expensive ones in the country

Effective campaign with Transit Advertising

Your brand image and product advertising will benefit tremendously through the use of our Transit Advertising services.

We have a strong working relationship with public transport networks like Taxi associations, public bus operators as well as train services in which we can help your brand to be seen and captured by public commuters, motorists and pedestrians in major towns and cities across Malaysia. Our services range from printing of stickers for taxi boot lids to posters behind buses and any other suitable locations.

Effective and affordable Bus Wrapping and Branding

We operate our own printing facilities which can print large format posters and self-adhesive stickers of any scale. As such, we are able to provide wraparounds advertising on buses and trains that can offer very high impressions for your ads.RapidKL Bus Advertising Malaysiahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn-0umVFbfs

Indoor and outdoor blimps

Indoor and outdoor blimps are one of the very unique methods of advertising adopted in OOH (Out-of-Home) media. This refers largely to the type of media in which it takes the form of a hot air balloon but is a lot smaller in size.

The oval shaped balloon is then used to project a certain ad that can be catered either for indoor or outdoor purposes. Blimps are commonly used for campaigns like events and promotional activities.

Target Audience & Demographics

The main target market for both indoor and outdoor blimps cover the groups that the advertisers like to reach. Blimps are very powerful communication tools that are used by brands like tyre manufacturers and automotive related companies. Hence, the main target group for this type of advertising would be vehicle owners, male and those in the 25 years old and above segment.

Cost of this media

To advertise in blimps, the costing can be quite expensive which is why this media is normally used on a short-term basis. Booking of indoor blimps start from RM9,000 per day while outdoor blimps start from RM16,000 per day. In terms of production, most blimps cannot be customized which is why a large-format sticker would normally be used. Production cost will vary depending on design and printing and the material used to on the output.

Duration of your campaign

The use of blimps would best be suited for events and due to the high cost of booking this media, the duration would usually range from 1 to 7 days depending largely on the course of the particular event or roadshow.

Shelf Violators and Wobblers

In OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising, one of the unique traits is that ads can be highly effective and impactful because they exist in the most unusual places. OOH media is commonly used in places like hypermarkets and supermarkets and this is where many owners use the likes of shelf violators and wobblers. Both shelf violators and wobblers are commonly used in these retail outlets to capture the attention of the customers where they are usually used by the specific brand owner.

Shelf Violators Campaign Demographics

Shelf violators have a very unique name where as it implies, refer to ads that violate the shelves in the retail outlet. These ads are designed to be attached onto the shelf on a specific aisle of the supermarket.

They can either be an ad, a message or information about the product.

The most common advertisers who use shelf violators are the likes of baby diapers and sanitary pads where the brand owner will attach samples of the products with related information next to where the products are displayed.

Hence, shelf violators would appeal best to female shoppers.

On the other hand, wobblers are similar to how shelf violators look like. Instead of being confined only to the shelves, wobblers can be placed on any location.

They are most ideally used to promote any offers like bundled-gifts or buy-1-free-1 promotions that are attached to the shelf or the product packaging itself. This type of ads would attract children and young adults more.

Cost and Duration of this Shelf Violators campaign

One of the positive elements of shelf violators and wobblers is that they are cheap to produce and affordable for advertising. Production cost will usually involve only printing while booking of the space range from RM20 per week per panel for shelf violators and RM50 per piece per month on each store where the higher the frequency, the higher the cost would cover.

City Light Poster

A city light poster is a common type of advertising panel which is used in the city. This is one type of media used in OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising where it is mounted on prominent places. Traditionally, city light posters use only static prints which are fitted within an enclosure. They are installed in places like bus stops, taxi stands as well as in public parks and walkways.

Demographics of City Light Poster campaign

The main target group of City Light Posters is pedestrian on foot. It can be assumed that the city light poster functions very much like a large billboard but is only intended for those who are walking around the location.

City light posters would be an effective advertising option among brands that appeal to the consumers who use public transportation and those who travel on foot.Hence, apart from the cities and major towns, this media is commonly seen in tourist attractions, entertainment outlets as well as in places like shopping malls and others.

Cost and duration of City Light Poster campaign

This media is designed to be at the eye level of the viewer with large images and texts. The traditional poster is very much like a large light-box where it illuminates from within, often captivating its audience when it gets dark.Therefore, this type of media might be quite expensive as they require the advertiser to book the spaces in bulk. For a 33-faces per month media space, the cost could be around RM200,000.

City Light Poster Production Cost

In the more modern environment, City Light Posters apply contemporary technologies like LED lighting. This allow for richer content, more frequency and more ads to be played.Through this specially-designed City Light Posters, pedestrians can now view and enjoy ads that are clearer, brighter and surely more attractive. In this context, printing costs would surely be cheaper than production of videos for LED posters.

Restroom Mirror Display Advertising

Restroom mirror displays are considered to be one of the revolutionary methods of OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising. This type of media is used only in public restrooms which are usually in places like shopping malls, entertainment outlets as well as in airports and such.

Toilet Mirror Advertising Demographics

In most campaigns, restroom mirror displays appeal best among people of the young adult age groups which are between 18 to 25 years old. Ads that are used in these places are usually from retailers who target shoppers and those who patronize entertainment outlets.

Toilet Mirror Advertising cost

Restroom mirror display is among the most affordable types of advertising today because they are usually charged based on blocks. In most cases, the cost start from RM5,000 per block that will cover all the male and female toilets.

Duration of Toilet Mirror Advertising campaign

Restroom mirror displays can be highly effective because they are very well targeted and are viewed only by the intended target group. Hence, frequency of the ads being displayed would be dependent on whoever is visiting the restroom as it detects if the person is viewing the mirror before the ad is played.

Production cost of Toilet Mirror Advertising

In terms of production cost, the main content is usually provided for by the advertiser although the media owner would sometimes be involved. Production costs would vary and depends largely on how the video or the moving images is being developed. In most cases, the duration of the ad would further determine how much the production of the video would be that will then be totalled to become the final costing for production.

Ambience Advertising

Advertising can be a highly costly exercise and hence, more and more new media are being designed and created to provide more choices which are more affordable to advertisers.While it would be most ideal to advertise on TV or radio, media space and costing might be some of the restrictions that companies are facing from doing so. Therefore, alternatives are being sought after which brings about the adoption of ambience advertising.

Ambience Advertising is good Idea for low budget advertising campaign

Ambience advertising refers to advertising methods using the less conventional media like TV, Radio or Newspapers. Basically ambience advertising is when a company places an advertisements in places that are less popular like on the back of receipts, table-tops, public toilets and panel boards in trains and buses to name a few.

In most cases, media owners have already identified many places that could be used for this method and there are rates and charges involved. However, ambience advertising is still a very new area in which many companies could still innovate and create more spaces for advertising.In providing our customers with the most complete advertising strategies and campaigns, Advertising.com.my offers services in these areas as well. This is where our customers would be able to leverage on new and unconventional methods of advertising which might not reach a mass market but could reach an equally appropriate group of target market.

Directional Signage

Directional signage might not be the most common types of OOH media but it cannot be discounted in terms of effectiveness. In fact, they can be quite impactful with very good visibility if used correctly. Among the characteristics of directional signage are:

  • Types: If you use the road whether as a driver or a commuter, you should be well accustomed with the green and blue directional signage. Although not all can be used for advertising, your ad can be placed alongside or designed to look like one. The idea is to creative!
  • Locations: Since directional signage is to provide information for road users to find their way to their destination, this OOH media can literally be used anywhere. Think about the possibilities!
  • Price: Among all the many types of OOH Media, directional signage is perhaps the most affordable. This is because visibility is limited to only the location that the signage is pointing towards

Gantry – Standard and Giant

Gantry BillboardGantries are not the same as billboards although they might serve a similar purpose. Unlike billboards, gantries are designed to look like an arch. This means that the basic shape is actually rectangle but it could be designed with a more extravagant outlook to it. Standard gantries can be found in most commercial or entertainment areas while you will find giant (and we mean really gigantic) ones along highways.

  • Types: Gantries are typically arched-shape. They are designed to hover across a certain area which means that you can have a lot of space to work with.
  • Locations: Gantries would be very effectively used on expressways. You will find them in places like KESAS highway in front of Endah Parade and along the Seremban highway as well. EDSB Sdn Bhd is among the media owners of gantries.
  • Price: Gantries are expensive in the production area. The location will also determine the cost of renting the space as well. Typically, a gantry (whether standard or giant) will cost about the same as a billboard.

Train Station Sponsorship and Domination

Monorail Train Sponsorship WrapIf you are a commuter that takes the train to and from work or school, you would notice that the stations have all been given makeovers. From covering the entire station to specific areas, this OOH media can be quite exciting as the advertiser is seen as ‘sponsoring’ the whole station. What makes this media so effective is that the advertiser can use your own corporate colours, logo and other identification factors to promote awareness.

  • Types: Generally, you can advertise or sponsor the entire train station with your corporate colours and identity.
  • Locations: Not all train stations offer this option as it might mean losing revenue on smaller spots within the station. KL Monorail is one that you can ‘cover’ the station.
  • Price: Among all the OOH media, this might be among the most expensive in terms of occupying the space as well as in production. Furthermore, you need to be crystal clear about your target audience before deciding which station you want to grow your presence

Landmark naming conventions

When it comes to transportation advertising, long-term naming conventions at certain landmarks will always have a very strong impact. Such is the method adopted by many of these landmarks like commuting stations. When a brand is named after a certain MRT station, it is at the top-of-mind for many years to come.

Glass Panels

Besides billboards, glass panels are one of the more common types of OOH media you will find. After all, they are easy to install and you can find them almost anywhere. As long as you have an empty wall, glass panels can be mounted along them. What makes glass panels so effective is that they can be used for repetitive messages or to form a long one.

  • Types: Standard glass panels are those that can insert large format posters into them. They are usually presented in portrait format. Although it is known as glass, some media owners like to use Perspex or acrylic material as they are more cost-effective.
  • Locations: You will find a lot of glass panel media along high traffic locations like train or bus stations. Besides that, glass panels are quite popular at long walkways like tunnels and bridges
  • Price: This depends. In most cases, you will be charged according to the duration of your ad. Location makes a big difference in costing. So choose wisely.

Overhead Bridges

Places like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya are extremely high traffic cities. People around here like to drive their own vehicles. After all, commuters spend at least 2 hours daily on the road.

As such, you will find a lot of media being located along overhead bridges, particularly at high traffic-jam locations. If you are planning to reach this target segment, this OOH media might just be your cup of tea!

  • Types: Most overhead bridge media are rectangular shaped. This however really depends on the length of the bridge. You will find some really short ones while there are certain media which spans across 5 to 6 lanes.
  • Locations: Basically, you can find overhead bridges at almost every junction around the Klang Valley. Some junctions have high visibility like the Lot 10 – Sg Wang Plaza intersection and along LDP.
  • Price: Overhead bridges do not cost as much as standard billboards. But if you get a spot with high visibility, the cost could snowball.


Among the many types of billboards, unipole is among the loudest and probably highest. Billboards need not be elevated very high as some can be at the ground level. Unipoles are very effective as they are designed to project the ad to a large crowd of audience from afar. This is because they are mounted high above the ground which offers great visibility for the ad.

  • Types: There are in general very limited types of unipoles. You will find that unipoles can be seen from afar because of its height and they usually come in 3 sides.
  • Locations: Advertisers on unipoles will want to target highways and along high-rise buildings.
  • Price: This type of OOH media is almost the same as billboards and is greatly influenced by the location of the media.

Pillar Arches

Pillar arch is slightly different from pillar wraps. This OOH media gives the ad more coverage as it is designed to be an arch form. Do not be confused with a gantry as that is a full structure in itself. Pillar arches use 2 pillars and the join them together at the top.

  • Types: Most pillar arches look the same. The entire ad starts from one pillar and then forms the arch before terminating in the other pillar across the street
  • Locations: Mostly found in train stations like LRT and KTM Komuter
  • Cost: The most expensive part of this media would be in production as a lot of customized printing is involved

Retail Media

retail shops advertising

Among the many types of OOH media, many advertisers tend to like using retail channels. This refers to ads that you will commonly see at retail stores which come in different shapes and sizes. With shopping being the order of the day in most urban cities, these media spaces are very effective especially when you need to give your customers that reminder that your brand exists.

  • Types: Generally, this type of media includes table-top stickers, mobile standees, fridge-top decals, door decals and others. The possibilities can be endless because what you want is to drive the message to your target segment at the point of purchase
  • Locations: As the name implies, retail media can be found in most outlets, shops and malls. Bearing in mind that retail media can be used in various ways, it is up to the creativity of the agency to come up with some remarkable ads. Small retail shops and convenient stores are very popular spots too.
  • Cost: Because retail media entails a long list of types, costing varies. However, be ready to spend a bit more as you need to ‘cover’ many areas of a retail outlet

Platform rooftop

This OOH media is very specialized and can be quite limited. As it is, your ad will be seen at the rooftop of the train stations. In the Klang Valley, you will surely notice this at the LRT stations. Platform rooftops can be very immersing but it would target only a specific group of people.

  • Types: There is only 1 type of platform rooftop media which is a large poster spread across the entire area. This means that the size depends solely on the shape
  • Locations: At LRT stations
  • Cost: Moderate and lesser as compared to billboards and large-format posters. Production might be costly though

rooftop billboard

Viaduct Media

An innovative way of advertising is through using Viaducts. This basically refers to a form of bridge used to connect one spot to another. In between the two spots, there are several spans or pillars. This media can be used very innovatively because you will notice that they can either be separate or collectively applied.

  • Types: Generally, viaducts have their own proprietary designs. It is not common to find generic shapes and sizes.
  • Locations: Viaducts are quite limited as you they are not very common around cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang. However, you will notice a lot of this media around highways and train stations
  • Cost: Varies. They can be quite costly as this media is limited in terms of space and availability.

Wall Banners or Wallscape Advertising

Wall banners are, as what it implies banners that are attached to walls. What makes this media so enticing for advertisers is that they can be designed in different shapes and sizes. The idea is to have an ad which is loud enough to spread the message, large enough to be seen and effective enough to reach your target market.

  • Types: This is where you will find a lot of different types of wall banners. Basically, because it depends largely on the size of the wall, you can have the banner in square, triangle, circles or even hexagon. Let your creativity run wild, but make sure it is good!
  • Locations: Along shopping malls, convention halls and entertainment outlets. Besides that, you can find them on the outside fascia of buildings too.
  • Cost: Can be quite expensive. This is because production needs to be customized to the size of the wall or spot that you are advertising in. Furthermore, you might be renting the space from the property owner and not a media owner.

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signage is typically, as the name implies signage used by businesses which incorporate illumination from within the structure itself. Essentially, illuminated signage was very much like lightboxes which have been in used for many years. They use the fluorescent cold cathode lighting that are fitted within the box and then lights up the image that have been imprinted in front.

With the advancement of technology, new and more modern ways of advertising are now demanded. This is where technologies like LED (Light-emitting display) are used. LED is gaining popularity among businesses as they are much more versatile by offering customizable messages and information while they are also very cost-effective. Maintenance is easier and it is not very expensive to install.

It must be noted that for every type of lighting used in signage, if they are placed in a public location or at a place where the public can view it, the owner of the board must apply from the local councils or the municipal halls respectively. It is important to understand the local laws pertaining to advertising and the authorities that govern these laws.Apart from that, LED uses very low voltage (12V) and it is now one of the de facto standards in the advertising industry particularly popular among information boards, kiosks and signages.

Among the main reasons why LED lighting is more popular as compared to other more conventional forms include:

–         Cheaper cost for energy as LED uses less electricity

–          Lower cost as LED only requires a one-time purchase

–          Versatile and customizable content

–          Longer running hours. LED is known to last much longer than conventional lighting

–          Lesser maintenance costs as LED is self-running

–          Brightness can be controlled

–          Environmental friendly

Illuminated signs that use LED technology come in many forms. They include pylon, single-sided fascia, garden bed, under awning, cantilever, 3D lettering, reception, edge lit and pan channel letter signs, among others.

We assist you from conceptualisation to production

Our expert team at Advertising.com.my will be able to advice you on how to make full use of these new media channels and where would be the best places to insert your advertisements. We will assist you from the discussion stage all the way to execution and in ensuring that the advertisements are well received by the target audience.

Apart from that, Advertising.com.my also provide designing and artwork conceptualization services to produce the most suitable advertisements for your campaign. Please contact us to know more about what we have done and how we can create an impact for your brand.

LED Video digital billboard all across Malaysia

When it comes to DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home) media and advertising, no other agency comes close to what we can offer and where we are today. We are the expert in DOOH Media, particularly in LED digital billboards.

We have supplier for digital billboards while our partners’ boards are mounted in some of the most prominent locations around the country. This include having the LED digital billboards in almost every state of the country which covers places like Klang, Ampang and within the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Out of home Digital Display across Malaysia

Meanwhile, our LED digital billboards are mounted in major capitals like Johor Bharu, Georgetown, Seremban, Ipoh and Kuantan, all of which are among the highest traffic areas of the respective locations.

On top of that, our LED Digital Billboards, which are manufactured and designed by top manufacturer with reputable partners in Korea and China are mounted and seen by thousands each day in major highways like the Federal Highway and in Jalan Bukit Bintang, the shopping haven of Malaysia.

As such, our clients and advertisers enjoy thousands of ad-views each day on these locations, bringing some of the best return on investment options for their advertising expenditure.

Our role in the outdoor advertising industry is among the most significant where the Advertising.my brand is second to none.

As a full Media Agency, we offer a complete range of media-related products and services. This include the entire chain of services that encapsulates media planning, media booking as well as launching of marketing campaigns.

We have a broad range of outdoor advertising options which are deployed for more effective advertising opportunities for our clients. Advertising.my work with many media owners to promote all types of billboard formats around the country.This includes large-poster billboards, unipoles and poster boards, among many others. Apart from that, our outdoor advertising options cover many other media like transit advertising, mobile advertising media and many more.

We are the pioneer in Digital media

As the pioneers of integrating advertising with modern technology, we are among the pioneering agencies that advocated and adopted the use of digital media which is known as the new wave in the advertising industry. Through this platform, we have been able to offer more effective and impactful advertising options in the outdoor marketing sector.

We offer digital media in various platforms and options which include large LED billboards, lamppost digital panels, standalone digital posters, business wraparounds and many others, all of which can be customized and specifically designed to suit the needs and requirements of our clients and partners.

We build and promote Unipole Billboards

We are the media owners and operators of many Unipole Billboards which are mounted along some of the most prominent roads around the country.

Some of our Unipole Billboards are located at extremely high traffic locations like the PLUS North-South Expressway, Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong and many others. Among our previous Unipole Billboards include the INP Kota Seriemas while there are several others located in many other locations.

Ask us about Free-standing Billboards

As an outdoor advertising specialist, we provide a full range of related services for free-standing billboards. At Iris Integrated, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced people who can help you to plan, conceptualize and install your large posters on our free-standing billboards which are enacted across Malaysia.

We have one of the largest networks of free-standing billboards in major locations, roads and expressways nationwide which can provide your brand with the maximum exposure and impact to your target market.

Rent OHB (Overhead Bridge Billboards) from us

We are the media owners of some of the most prominent OHBs or Overhead Bridge Billboards) around the country.

We choose only the most high-traffic highways like PLUS and Federal Highway in which your ad can be effectively viewed by your thousands of motorists, vehicles owners, public transportation users and pedestrians each day.

You would have noticed it or you just might have missed it all but Out-of-Home media are advertising boards that are very much ‘at your face’. You see it as you walk out of your home and you probably look at it even when you are in the toilet. Unlike mass media like Television and Radio, Out-of-Home media is very much like what it says. It is OUT OF HOME!

Gigantic Advertising Wall Banners

Wall banners are large format posters that are mounted onto the walls of buildings. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to print these large posters which are seen by thousands of motorists and pedestrians of high traffic locations in major towns and cities.

In engaging us, you will be enjoying a tested and proven method of using this media in terms of design and impact.


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